miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014


When least expected, you showed. Dazzling, clear skin and bright blue eyes. Funny, drunk and talkative. Talkative to lose track of time between your words, your eyes and your body.

And I won, sweet, provocative and interesting. Without prejudice. An instant connection. High voltage and not just physical. A connection to the broader level. Able to just feel I need your presence, your company. Worry if you're okay, even though I've seen a few minutes ago. Wanting to spend as much time with you, still working. Excited with danger, that you had, that around us.
Want to know more about you, your life and your dreams.

I will always remember, because you shone where you walked and made my days shine too.
Thanks for appearing in my life, being well with me. Thanks for being so special. Desire and want, to remain so for a long time.

Chance or fate? Thanks.

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