viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

An unforgettable day

Many things can cause a day is a day like any other that is special .. Today it be a day out of the ordinary. One day, Friday, it seems that the weather is good ... maybe knew it was a special day for you and wanted to celebrate. With sun, as you like it. Trying to get closer to a summer day that winter. Sending you the best smile. Celebrating today is a great day. You'll never be as young as at this moment. I was lucky to meet and share many things. Think you're more important to me than I think, that you're more important to me than I to you. One day when I think about what would have happened if ...

Day activity. Thinking about many things, not all nice, but trying to see the bright side of things. Because these days you see who is there and who is not. Although, even you, would you want to be by your side. When you have so many things to save. That silence is your best ally. When things happen that you never imagined and can not're prepared enough to face them. Things, however, make you grow, make you take everything out of you. Days if you could trade you for that person, you would. Avoid suffering, to avoid problems, avoid anything can happen and lose control. News days fall like bombs.
Day learn to be quiet, to feel, to want to have someone more than ever. A free weights to weaken the strongest heart. Days would pay because they were different. By being there and not here. Because today, the distance may be the worst load on your shoulders.

Days on which you've never felt so old and so young at once. Days on which you would like to give a kiss, a hug or a sweet, would be enough to solve everything. Days, think even that escape and get away from everything can be an option, but not solve anything. Days on which I love to shout from a cliff to calm the storm that has exploded within you. To appease the desire of war.

Days when you put all of you and still may have been all in vain. Days when you still do not know what will happen. Days when everything remains as before, when everything exploded. Days until the last moment everything is possible. And that sometimes is not good.
One day, after all, want to live to the fullest. One day we will have a special place in my life, in my memory. An unforgettable day.

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