lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Extraordinary day

Comes a time in everyone 's life where you just have to live your life . Take the reins and act. Risk even the craziest . Venturing into the unknown. Tripping over your own stone , a thousand times if is necessary. Feeling only to life. The hardest thing perhaps is to leave everything behind and dare to take the plunge. Always fear the unknown, but it is what it takes to really know . To know how far you can get , improve yourself , feel free, meet . This is not to forget everything you leave behind , but make it your best weapon to deal with the new. Thinking about today , think about tomorrow . It is not about forgetting the past , just learn to live with it. Feel special to accomplish things for yourself. Glad to overcome drawbacks. Enjoy the new experience , in all its forms .
That was the beginning of my new life , a year ago. The moment I decided to take the plunge, change my life and it has changed me . For better or for worse. I've only changed, evolved. New experiences are part of my now. In my future .
I would like to thank all who deserve or have earned while in these 365 days. People who taught me values ​​that still did not. Those who shared even a couple of minutes of your time. Those who gave me the opportunity to feel this freedom. Those who encouraged me from the beginning, at low points in difficulties. Those who lived with me unforgettable moments that will remain etched in my memory forever. Shared laughter.
Give thanks to the people who , despite the change , there are , as always, or even harder. This has served us both , to make our relationship even if anything, stronger than it was. To be sincere , even knowing what it cost me . How hard it makes me say my feelings. Thank you for rating the little things, the moments that we miss now . For realizing it, how much I can miss. The feeling of not being able to give you a hug ... but when I feel like we've known that for a future replacement for words, gestures, details without being separated , never could have felt. Of loving more than I thought . From the moment you be willing to see us again, to touch us again arrives.
I would like to thank those people who this year has made me know in depth. And of course, I speak of my adventurous family . That has made me grow. Without knowing that , it has become imperative in my present , and I know that if up to me , also in the future. That you have really known me, even without knowing myself. The one that has given me everything , even when none had nothing. Which welcomed me as a family . That this experience has made us to join more than if we were family really . What's that care to our family in the distance. I've learned to love , like myself. I've learned to miss you when we're apart . For the things I've felt and done things that I never imagined doing . The things they have done that no one have ever done for me. I've called the " Maltese family ." You will not know this island. If it will be by itself , by circumstances that unite us or for us, especially at each of the people in this mini family. Whatever the reason , the relationship we have created, is deeply special. Can not be anything else . Because we miss when distance separates us , either two days or a month . Either by returning home or living the trip of your dreams. Four hours, one day or two months. But goodbye is never entirely . I would say more of a see you later. I refer to the evidence , when two members have decided to return . Because no matter how badly we have been treated by very bad experiences you have had to live on the island , to know from the beginning that this is far from the best we could find and this is going to be a passing episode of our lives , here we are , here we come back and what we have created together , it will be almost impossible to create elsewhere.
And I continue to give thanks. And who knows me knows that I am not a person to saying these things , to show what I feel or go through my mind. These things cost me , but maybe I also learned to do when you feel really. A thank you to people who may have had even minor this time, would not have lived without them many things, regard other and learned a lot .
It may be very recent and that makes it more important , or actually have more importance than you know now. In any case, a special thank you. Having appeared in my life. Because you make me live. Hopes with small things. Hopes to have that someone who think about doing new things, which make even madness, to live to the fullest every second. To give the best of me . For caresses feel that bristle over the skin . By creating me the best of my smiles . By feel that although it may have an expiration date, keep in touch and one can take away what we live . Because it can become more or stay at one of the best episodes of my short life .
Thanks also to bad moments. In situations catch you by surprise. That may change the rest of my life . A deal with situations you never thought experience firsthand . Where do you ripen at once. In that act is to mature at once, even if you feel like a child who never were . Things that make you realize that in life there are many more. Things beyond your goals , your dreams. Things that never accounts are there. Things that make you more person .
And all this has happened in a year. A year that for many it is nothing. Very few things may have changed or has changed more than you think . A 360-degree rotation . And that day has come. in which I myself believed celebrate here . In which I still find it difficult to balance . A day that many celebrate tried but most stayed on the road. Not as easy as it sounds . A year away from home . A year away from your borders , your country. That which in the most recent this is far from your home. That which is becoming all the more alien .
But I do not think about it. At the end of the day , the good thing about all this is that , thanks to this, if you can as it were, into exile that have made ​​us live today can celebrate exceptional , unusual, unimaginable, extraordinary day .

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